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Note:- Hiring for Senior Level

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Hire Smarter, Save Bigger.

Find Your Company’s Next Top Performer at 5.5%

Get Endless Talent on one Platform.

Sign up to get:

Recruiters who are passionate about your industry.
Access the brightest minds in the business
Flat fee model. Startups pay just 5.5%.

Call on +91-8287423406

Note:- Hiring for Senior Level

Our Mission

No matter the size or scope of the business, we are committed to providing exceptional recruitment services and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Backed by Experience

Work with recruiters who know your industry and understand your requirements. You can’t go wrong when you work with people who are as experienced as our hiring team.

Cultural Fit

We ensure that the candidate's values, beliefs, and working style align with those of the organization. This results in better job performance and reduced turnover.

Simplified Payment

Your hiring strategy is complemented by our no-strings-attached recruitment service. Pay only when you find your ideal candidate. If you are a startup you pay just 5.5%, and that too after the hiring.

5 Things that we need from You

As we strive to provide exceptional service, we look forward to partnering with clients who share our commitment to excellence.

Quick Response

Once notified, we should receive feedback within 24 hours.


100% availability from appointed POC during agreed hours.


Timely access to Hiring Managers for conducting interviews.

Great compensation

Adhere to market standards while compensating candidates.

Offer letter ready

Offer letter should be issued within a week of selecting the candidate.

Why Job Tank?

We are your one-stop solution for hiring across industries!

Industries that were once dominant no longer set the standard for future industries. Previously, organizations belonged to a single segment, but today, e-commerce firms can also be fintech companies, illustrating the fluidity of the business landscape.

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we recognize the importance of adaptability. The rise of virtual offices and remote work has motivated us to innovate and assist corporations in attracting future-ready talent.

As traditional work methods are no longer applicable, we have re-imagined how to recruit talent across various industries. We provide your company with a talent pool that is not only suitable for the present but also capable and relevant for the future, regardless of the role or requirements.

With extensive industry experience and highly competent talent acquisition teams, we help you stay ahead of the competition and select the right candidate for your business.

Domestic Clients

India first, let’s serve India first!

Global Clients

Job Tank has a pool of global clients in the UK, USA, and many more countries.

IT Recruitment

We specialize in IT recruitment across all vertices

Across-Industry hiring

Our team collective experience is adept at hiring for multiple industries.

Extensive college network

Our broad range of college affiliations allows employers to select and recruit from a vast pool of new and promising talent.

Campus to Boardroom

From Freshers to CXOs, we cater to all.

Industries We Hire For

Our team has over 20 years of management experience, with a deep understanding of end-to-end recruitment solutions, especially for industries in the US. We have a proven track record of success and have helped businesses of all sizes find top talent. Whether you need assistance with executive search, contract staffing, or direct hire, our team has the expertise to deliver the best results.

We have served our clients from the following industries:

Finance and Accounting
Hospitality and Tourism
Marketing and Advertising
Transportation and Logistics

Energy and Utilities
Real Estate
Media and Entertainment
Biotech and Pharmaceuticals
Sports and Fitness
Fashion and Apparel
And many more…


"Thanks to their expert talent acquisition services, we found top-tier talent and reduced our recruitment time by 50%"
Karan Gurditta
CEO, Mark Infotech
"Our business is thriving thanks to their ability to provide us with the right people at the right time."
Gaurav Rohilla
Founder, Grocery2Home
"They have helped us to build a team of experts in our field, which has significantly impacted our company's growth and success."
Sahil Batra
CEO, Star Services Company

All of them are catered by us!


AI Expert
Cloud Engineers
Database Specialist 
Tech Lead
Full Stack Engineer
Front End Developer
Product Managers
Data Scientist

React Native developer
Blockchain developer
Back End Developer
Android & iOS Developer​
Java Programmer
Node.js Programmer
VP Product​
QA Engineer/Lead
Data Engineer


UI/UX Designer
Business Head​

SEM Head

SEO Manager
Project Manager
Ad Sales Manager
Business Dev. Manage
Customer Service Head
HR Head/Manager
Creative Director

Sales Director
Content Editors/Writers
igital Marketing Manager
Key Account Manager
Category Manager/Head

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